Gillian Welch

FileSizeDate/timeArtistTitleYearAlbumCommentLengthBi..C..S.. 4.302.02.15 19:38:18Gillian WelchThe Devil Had A Hold Of Me0Hell Among The Yearlings0:04:30128S44
02 - My First Lover.mp3 3.601.09.22 17:33:38Gillian WelchMy First LoverTime (The Revelator)0:03:47128S44
RedClayHalo.mp3 3.503.10.17 13:44:45SarsaparillaRed Clay Halo2002Pie Eating Contestby Gillian Welch0:02:56160S44
1411.mp3 02:22:18Gillian Welch, David RawlingsWind And Rain2001Songcatcherhttp://www.jl.cninfo.net0:03:24128S44
GillianWelch-CalebMeyer.mp3 3.702.02.15 19:35:38Gillian WelchCaleb Meyer1998Hell Among the YearlingsAlmo Sounds 800210:03:05160S44
Gillian Welch - Annabelle.mp3 3.903.11.16 08:33:13Gillian WelchAnnabelle1996Revival0:04:03128S44
01_Caleb Meyer_Gillian Welch.mp3 2.903.07.13 21:19:24Gillian WelchCaleb MeyerHell Among the Yearlings0:03:05
Gillian Welch - Revival - Track 02 1.603.10.14 16:18:30Gillian WelchTrack 21996Revival9709C10A0:04:02 56S22
Gillian Welch - Hell Among The Yearl 1.303.10.14 22:13:45Gillian WelchTrack 91998Hell Among the Yearlings9C09260B0:03:07 56S22
Gillian Welch - Revival - Track 09 16:33:11Gillian WelchTrack 91996Revival9709C10A0:03:05 56S22
Gillian Welch - Hell Among The Yearl 0.703.10.14 22:10:41Gillian WelchTrack 71998Hell Among the Yearlings9C09260B0:01:51 56S22
Gillian Welch - Hell Among The Yearl 1.703.10.14 21:59:03Gillian WelchTrack 101998Hell Among the Yearlings9C09260B0:04:13 56S22
Gillian Welch - Hell Among The Yearl 21:57:05Gillian WelchTrack 11998Hell Among the Yearlings9C09260B0:03:04 56S22
Gillian Welch - Hell Among The Yearl 0.903.10.14 22:00:05Gillian WelchTrack 111998Hell Among the Yearlings9C09260B0:02:13 56S22
Gillian Welch - Revival - Track 05 1.903.10.14 16:24:29Track 519969709C10A0:04:33 56S22
Gillian Welch - Revival - Track 08 1.803.10.14 16:30:58Gillian WelchTrack 81996Revival9709C10A0:04:31 56S22
Gillian Welch - Hell Among The Yearl 1.403.10.14 22:12:17Gillian WelchTrack 81998Hell Among the Yearlings9C09260B0:03:26 56S22
Gillian Welch - Revival - Track 06 1.503.10.14 16:26:56Track 619969709C10A0:03:39 56S22
Gillian Welch - Hell Among The Yearl 22:07:59Gillian WelchTrack 51998Hell Among the Yearlings9C09260B0:02:40 56S22
Gillian Welch - Revival - Track 04 1.703.10.14 16:22:19Track 419969709C10A0:04:12 56S22
Gillian Welch - Revival - Track 010 2.303.10.14 16:16:36Track 1019969709C10A0:05:32 56S22
Gillian Welch - Revival - Track 01 1.603.10.14 16:14:00Gillian WelchTrack 11996Revival9709C10A0:03:56 56S22
Gillian Welch - Hell Among The Yearl 1.803.10.14 22:04:00Gillian WelchTrack 31998Hell Among the Yearlings9C09260B0:04:29 56S22
Gillian Welch - Revival - Track 03 1.603.10.14 16:20:22Track 319969709C10A0:03:56 56S22
Gillian Welch - Revival - Track 07 1.603.10.14 16:28:05Gillian WelchTrack 71996Revival9709C10A0:03:56 56S22
Gillian Welch - Hell Among The Yearl 1.603.10.14 22:01:55Gillian WelchTrack 21998Hell Among the Yearlings9C09260B0:03:55 56S22
Gillian Welch - Hell Among The Yearl 2.403.10.14 22:06:44Gillian WelchTrack 41998Hell Among the Yearlings9C09260B0:05:51 56S22
Gillian Welch - Hell Among The Yearl 1.603.10.14 22:09:48Gillian WelchTrack 61998Hell Among the Yearlings9C09260B0:03:55 56S22
EverythingIsFree.mp3 5.704.05.09 23:14:13Gillian WelchEverything is Free2001Time (The Revelator)0:04:48160S44
08im_not_afraid_to_die.mp3 4.804.05.09 23:57:51Gillian WelchI'm Not Afraid to DieHell Among the Yearlings9C09260B
O Brother Where Art Thou - I'll Fly 2.804.04.23 23:56:32Gillian Welch & Allison KraussI'll fly away2000O Brother, where are thou ?Made with RealJukebo0:03:57 96S44
232.mp3 1.804.02.28 01:36:37Gillian Welch, Alison Krauss & EDidn't Leave Nobody But The BaO Brother, Where Art Thou? -- So0:01:57128S44
Paperwings.mp3 3.803.07.15 04:54:03Various ArtistsGillian Welch - Paper WingsHope Floats - Original Motion Pi060:03:57128S44
Gillian Welch - One Monkey.mp3 04:10:29Gillian WelchOne Monkey2003Soul Journey
Gillian_welch_-_elvis_presley_blues. 12:50:30Gillian Welchelvis presley blues2003Irish Centre Birmingham UK 22AugTrack 2
Gillian_welch_-_manic_depression.mp3 4.504.10.01 12:51:14Gillian Welchmanic depression2003Birmingham Irish Centre Aug03 CDTrack 11
Gillian_welch_-_big_rock_candy_mount 4.304.10.01 12:49:20Gillian Welchbig rock candy mountain2003Birmingham Irish Centre Aug03 CDTrack 7
Alphachimp.mp3 3.703.11.19 17:39:02Gillian WelchApril The 14th (Part 1)Time (The Revelator)
Gillian Welch - Black Star.mp3 9.304.10.28 15:47:15Gillian WelchBlack StarLive In London 20040:09:45128S44

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